Prince Ink – Da Pope | 3XL

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Pick up the phone
It’s no one you know
They dialed the wrong number they said
But you won’t let ‘em go again
You caught me at a real bad time

I’ll text all my friends
From my silhouette
I’m probably stoned and all alone
Just chillin’ on my royal throne

I’m sorry if I don’t text back
I texted every single number I had
And I know you can surf this too

Melt on the couch
Drip to the ground
I know I swore I’d start to move
But that requires something to do
And I can think of nothing now
But me sitting on this here couch

My phone’s gonna die
I shouldn’t reply
The charger’s way across the room
I don’t think it’ll reach you dude
You caught me at a real bad time

And I know you can surf this too

Is it that hard to handle, it getting dark at 5 o’clock?
There’s something about these covers they do more than enough
These Christmas lights that line my room they make me feel so special
And if it weren’t for them, all green and red, this wouldn’t be so gentle

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